Christian Soldiers



Onward Christian Soldiers

There’s battle to be won

With God’s guidance do write

Messages you must bring

He will bring you insight!

Onward Christian Soldiers

Uplift others with truth

Be vessel of His will

Let Spirit guide within

Destiny is fulfilled!

Onward Christian Soldiers

Use gifts given wisely

Feel vibrations within

From devil turn away

Stay away from all sin!

Onward Christian Soldiers

You are near completion

Give messages spoken

Praise the Lord every day

Learn to become His token!


Christina R. Jussaume

At the End of the day

Just Kneel and Pray

Thank You Lord

For my work and Play

I've tried to be good

For I know that I should

That's my prayer for

The End of The Day!

It is with great joy that I intoduce my third
book in the Healing of Mind, Body,Spirit
series to you titled:
"Spiritual Victory"

ISBN: 978-1-105-04272-0

I dedicate this to God for His inspiration,

and to family and friends, for their encouragement.

Christina R. jussaume

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

A spiritual victory we hope to achieve one day
When we venture God's Heavenly way,
To reach that home where love does reign
Freeing us from Earth's heartache and pain!
Where loved ones gather in the pure delight
Of knowing no ailment's come to blight,
Or mar the wonders of life there found
Growing in abundance all around!
'Spiritual Victory' is a must read
Follow its guidance then you'll succeed
Let each inspired word touch heart and mind
Then the victory sought you will find!
Pat Simpson


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