This is a book of God inspired poetry written to inspire and help others that have trials to face in life! Here you will find poetic words of love and wisdom portrayed in various ways to give comfort and peace, It is a most wonderful spiritual God loving book with many lovely pictures throughout the pages. Poets reading will truly enjoy seeing over 40 different styles of poetry displayed with a full glossary to explain each style! A book flowing with words like spiritual waters! A Must!

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 Effects of Spiritual Waters


Spiritual water we all need.

We try to do others good deed.

It helps us with those we should heed.


 We will not thirst with this inside.

A Christian glow we can not hide.

All Commandments we will abide.


Our faith will grow in great measure.

Our God we consider treasure.

Our blessed love will bring us pleasure.


 Our outlook on life is better.

When it’s cool, we wear a sweater.

We enjoy things done together.


In a storm we can remain calm.

We sense things before and alarm.

We know when to beware of charm.


 Spiritual essence we can share.

We can show others that we care.

We do not react with a dare.



Jesus has Risen




Body rose on third day

He was seen leaving tomb

Stone removed on day three

His garments had been left

This was the prophecy


 Body rose on third day

All that heard did rejoice

Halleluiah heard!

He would meet disciples

All did listen for word


Body rose on third day

Mary now felt some release

Her faith was very strong

This was what angel told

She now heard angel’s song


Body rose on third day

He met with disciples

Advice Jesus now gave

Thomas saw the nail marks

He sent them out to save


 Body rose on third day

On Easter we rejoice

Choirs and people do sing

His spirit we do feel

Words of God I now bring




This is just two of the wonderful poems in this book,

 we at Passion for Poetry are honored to have had the pleasure of seeing this book materialise... It is truly a great spiritual walk through every page, Tina's love of God her family and all walks of life is so clearly apparent ... This book would make a great gift for all...  

Words Of Praise

I have just finished a very loving and uplifting book
That I will treasure for the rest of my life,
Flowing in words by Christina R Jussaume.
As in the title the words truly flow.
It is spiritual beyond belief.
The book is nothing but one hundred and sixty pages for pleasure.
The pictures in it couldn’t suit the poems better.
There are lessons to be learned are brought back to the memory.
It is written by an author that has to have a very deep love of God and the true meaning of poetry it’s self. It is truly worth every penny to buy.
As a poet myself I have learned in the process of the reading.
As a man who believes in God I have gained wisdom.
The love of God and family shines in the poetry within this outstanding book.
I will from time to time go back to consume the flowing waters presented in the words
To drink the knowledge in order to live even more spiritual in the future.

“Spiritual Living Waters” is a wonderful collection of words that comfort and encourage the reader. A spiritual writer, Christina reaches out to inspire others through sharing her experiences facing trials that come her way. She writes in a style that is straightforward and easy to understand. Her teaching ability is shown in various styles and forms, and is an amazing resource, with a glossary listing information of the various styles and forms. Her love of nature is also expressed in her poetry. Some of my favorites, “Angel Voices, Loud and Clear” “Chariots of Fie” Thunder in the Heavens” and “My Rainbow.” Christiana’s book would be a remarkable addition to anyone’s library.

Betty Louise Keck, poetess