Pass no




Judge no one
Mom would say

you must not

It is best
to be good

God above
watches all

Do good deeds
as you should

Judge no one
Mom would say

We all can make

Just try to do
your best

if you forget

God may
give you a test

Judge no one
Mom would say

Read word of God
each day

Walk the walk
and stand tall

Strive to become

He'll assist
if you fall

Judge no one
Mom would say

Always hold
your head high

Show kindness
to all met

Always lead
Christian life

Keep faith
and never fret

Precious love
Was given by God
It was blessed
Years ago
Let our love glow
like the sun,
For eternity

To my love
I’ll be yours

You’re the beat
Of my heart
You’re the only

one for me,
My chosen

soul mate

You help me
Feel rhythm

of soul
I love you
More each day
You give me

reason to live,
As wife you did


As we age
We must be

For our lives
A great roller
coaster ride,

That had ups
and downs

Dearest  Lord
Send Blessings
On Our World

It is with great joy that I intoduce my first book
In the Healing of Mind, Body & Spirit series to you  titled

"Spiritual Enlightenment"

ISBN: 978-0-557-23859-0

Within the pages of this book I believe you will find poetry that will lovingly move you. For by being very spiritual in content all of you are bound I am sure to be enriched by the reading the words that Spirit gave me...
Each poem I wrote purely from the heart always with the hope that they will somehow awaken the same spiritual love that I feel to grow in you my readers.
Being a poetry tutor on the Writers Poetry Alliance site   I have therefor included an in depth glossary to explain all of the eighty-five poetic forms that I have used.
This is my sixth book and I trulybelieve it to be my greatest yet... has you read you will see for yourself the heights that I myself have been inspired to soared to, for has my own spiritual inspiration grows so does my very deep passionate love of God.... Christina!

God’s Enlightenment

(Shadow Sonnet)


Treasure God’s enlightenment as treasure

Soul craves His guidance as needed by soul
Hear angel messages as strive to hear
Act on messages as we must so act

Uplift those that are in need, do uplift
Judge not faults of another, do not judge
Forgive the hurts we feel, please do forgive
Wisdom you’ve acquired, do teach this wisdom

Thank all the gifts He’s given, do now thank
Share the love you have for God, learn to share
Acknowledge God as Saviour, acknowledge
Repent sins you’ve made, do learn to repent

Begin life anew with God, do begin
Accept His will in all things, do accept


If you already own one or all of Christina's books then you will be overjoyed to add yet another one to your collection... If you have yet to discover Christina's poetry then get this book and see how you are in for a treat as the peace and tranquility she portrays overcomes you to fill your own heart with the same inspired love...The following is a poem that I love ...written in Christina's own created style ..Poet & Publisher Friend Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson.


The Lighthouse Keeper

 (Beacon of Hope)


Lighthouse keeper was great,

All did appreciate

He often stood outside,

Walking with steady stride

Light he shone upon sea,

Looking for you or me

He patrolled walking around lighthouse in black night

He brought Coast guard in which gave all

greatest delight

He was an angel from God and a pleasant sight

The keeper had a lonely life

By the sea he felt lots of strife

Stormy seas kept him on alert

He’d pray that no one would get hurt

He slept only few hours at best

He was always put to a test

Faith and perseverance was key

He kept watchful eye on the sea

Job to him was beneficial,

Was serious and official

He was the guiding light of hope

With him there, all at sea could cope

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