With chirping

Of many birds





Are heard

In morning

As they now fly







As the squirrels





For breakfast

That will be soon





Is felt

As the sun

Rises high in





Greets us

With the warmth

He did provide





Squirrel Entertainer

I know I'll reach tray,

If I just sway

Birdseed is up there;

I don't need chair

Vaseline so dumb,

Sliding is fun

I can entertain,

For food to sustain

From roof I'll hang,

Oh doorbell rang!

Company so fine,

Now I'll just dine

I'll not get dizzy,

I'm too busy

The food is great,

I do appreciate

Squirrel proof never

Squirrels forever!


Amazing Pets & Animals

ISBN: 978-0-6151-8028-1
Publisher: Passion For Poetry

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This collection of poetry was inspired by all the loving pets I have had and still have.It is poetry stories of all the many different memories we did share together in love and harmony. I also have included some fantasy story poems about animals that both adults and children will enjoy. There are some fables within this collection with a moral that teaches values. I have also created a few new invented poetry styles. All of my poetry is inspired by God, my life and inspiration from my family and pets.

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Have you ever wondered about pets?
You can find about some without regrets.
Christina wrote a book, which you will love.
She did get some help from the one above.


Exotic animals you can enjoy;
For an adult or a girl or boy!
Morals and values, you will find inside,
Pick up the book and open your eyes wide!


I own this awesome book and treasure it.
When you start to read, you won’t want to quit.
From cover to cover, you’ll be amused.
You’ll read it so much it will soon look used!


©Daveda Gruber
December 28, 2007

©Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson
December 28, 2007

Passion For Poetry�� Says ...
"Yes! We are very proud to have our name on this book cover for it is truly a book that will delight all animal lovers and�pet owners both young and old, Children too will be thrilled,�reading�page after page will give them�joy"