Jewel of Promise

(Jussaume Sonnet)

Jewel of Promise is Heaven above,
Family and pets reside there with love,
All of them feel the peace of whitest dove.
Their days and nights have satisfaction,
Peace and contentment gives attraction,
Look ahead to each new attraction.
Scenery is magnificent to see,
The Lion and Lamb bedded so closely,
Here all burdens from earth have been set free.
Accrue seeds of faith while you’re on earth,
These the Lord keeps track of showing worth,
Stay level headed with use of mirth.
Always praise Creator each day of life,
He will help you in turmoil and all strif


Heavenly Connection

His spirit's within

Keep away from sin

His guidance I feel,

As I now kneel

You'll feel glow

And know

That He

Is with

You in






Listen for


He gives



Five Precious Gifts

The first precious gift

is our sight

With this scenery

is delight

Scenes we see

give us great pleasure

So many that,

we can't measure


Next gift is to hear

songs of birds

Use speech with wisdom

and your words

Tapping noise is heard

on a tree

Woodpecker stores

the seeds from thee


Special is the sense of

gentle touch

Hugs and kisses

loved so much

The touch of child's hand

in your own,

Shows you how special

love has grown


The aroma of

a good meal,

Has definitely

great appeal

A pine forest

has a great scent,

And is a great place

for a camper's tent


The taste of a meal

made with love,

Is a blessing from

God above

These gifts should be

cherished by all,

As given at birth

when we're real small


Honor Creator

for all this

Live his word

and you'll feel bliss


Heaven's stairway waits

Let's all be worthy

of this

Walk the path of light


Do make wise choices

Feel the essence

of Jesus

He will give guidance


Stairway glows in mind

May it be used by

us all

Spirit will rise up


Family awaits

They have guided us

through life

Their love we did feel


We surrender soul

It has been most


It has kept us whole


Elation we feel

Anticipation fulfilled

Praise be to




My Latest Book Release

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My Walk with Jesus

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I lost both of my parents before I was forty years of age. By writing poetry I found relief from the grief. My poetry helped me to see the beauty given by God. The beauty I had seen all of my life I began to write about. This collection of poems expresses my faith. With God in my life I handled all things put before me. This collection is written with the essence of my heart and soul. These words I express with a sincere heart. Now won’t you take this walk with me to see the beauty God has given all around us? Enjoy the beauty of rose gardens and magnificent sunsets as I bring them all to life within my poems. I felt peace as I wrote this collection and now this peace I will share with you.

It was my pleasutre to have read from cover to cover the book of Christina R Jussaume called MY WALK WITH JESUS. It was a book on her strong fairth in God And Jesus. It talks of Some of Gods wonderful creathers big and small. And of her wonderful husband Hank.It is a book I will treasure for life.It is easy to read and understand for people of all ages and walks of life. Just beautiful work Christina.

My Walk with Jesus

Take my hand and walk into the Promised Land.

With God beside you; I see things that are grand.

With him you’ll see beauty that others cannot.

You are inspired by him, not with what you’ve got.




Each day you have feeling of love in your heart.

He gives you get up and go, like a jump-start.

As your day unfolds; you see marvels around.

He keeps your spirit lifted, and feet off ground.




As I drive to work; I feel I can do all.

I will conquer all obstacles, will not fall.

Today I woke with a prayer on my mind.

He heard me, and now the pain I do not find.




When I walk with Jesus; I feel much better.

I feel his presence in all kinds of weather.

If I stumble; he is there to pick me up.

I hope my words now fill his spiritual cup.




By Christina R Jussaume © copyright ‘2006’