Praise The Lord



My Lord I will praise

His acts do amaze

Speak to conquer all in life

Positive do speak

Pray each day of week

He helps us when we’re in strife

His peace in sun’s rays

Imitate His ways

Don’t use words that cut like knife

Learn to take critique

His kingdom do seek

Use wisdom in being wife


“I will praise the Lord at all times.  

I will constantly speak his praises.”

(Psalm 34:1, NLT)

Nature’s Beauty

(Alliteration Jingle)


 Appreciate awesome autumn

Always allowing admiration

Accept squirrels acorn attraction

Approve any awkward appearance


Pretty porch provides relaxation

Pair pampers pets with passion

Paws pitter patter patiently

Poet’s perception ponders presence


Flowers hues flourish forever

Fascination forest ferns found

Outside fireplaces flicker fine

Flicker and flycatcher in flight


Ponds provide precious peace

Peacock paces pending peahen

Strutting performance proves pedigree

Pleasant photos pleasurable


Crickets chirp in chorus cadence

Cardinal chirping continuously

Catnip grown for cat’s causation

Celebrate nature’s cheerful charm

Here I proudly show you my ninth most wonderful book with the introduction that is within it's first pages...

The Glory Unfolds 

It began with a man nailed to a cross
Making some people feel a terrible loss
People who remembered all that he did
Helping others as he lived
The things they saw, they then told
To be put in a Bible for all to hold
And as all read they too did pray
That love like His would always stay
Love like the Doves that we see fly
Free and peaceful up in the sky
The Heavens above that day or night
Is always there to bring us light!

So the man they nailed achieved all His goals
In showing us how… 'The Glory Unfolds'

*I was inspired to design of the cover picture and to write this introduction in book after reading through Christina’s wonderful words…A.P.F.Publisher / Pat Simpson

ISBN: 978-1-291-04780-6 

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Within this collection you will find I have used approximately 130 forms of poetry.  All of this I have listed in a full Poetic Glossary in the back of the book for handy reference for any Poet.  In this collection I have introduced two more of my own creative formats, “Alliteration Jingle” and “Aquarius 69.”  Both displayed here on this page...

There are also old styles that have been around for decades and newly created forms by Poets that are friends of mine. 

       This collection has poems with Bible verses, poems about God, love and nature.  All of my poetry is spiritually uplifting.  The theme in this book is about “God’s Glory”.  There are many poems about gardens, mountains, the sea and His creation.  All of my writing I dedicate to the Lord for it is He that continually inspires me to continue with my writing pursuit. 

God’s Glory Unfolds 

(Aquarius “69”)


Sunrise is the prettiest thing seen

Master’s glory brings us sunrise and great peace

Wake now hearing bird’s song

Day starts like eating finest cuisine


Each day is a new beginning

Accept Him and you’re then winning


Sunset is romantic to us all

It brings us a warm feeling like a sheep’s fleece

It is Master’s artwork

Mountain beauty to all does enthrall


Each day is a new beginning

Accept Him and you’re then winning


Twinkling stars at night bring historic story

V formation flown by Canadian geese

Artwork appreciate

Be aware of surroundings glory


Each day is a new beginning

Accept Him and you’re winning


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