To 'Give God the Glory'

is released today
And it gives God the glory

in everyway
Because the love this poet

 holds in her heart
For God she sends

out like a flying dart
A missile straight

and aimed to be
Felt by all those

who read to see
That it is to God

we must all turn
When all our bridges

seem to burn
When we are lost

in doubt feeling fear
Then we must know

He is always near
Waiting only

for us to say,
"I love you God

please show me the way"

Yes! This is a book

that will give hope
To all who feel

they just can't cope
It proves that with

the love of God inside
You have the strength

to put aside
All the hurting

materialistic pain
For you know in the end

you will live again!
So if you could do

with some understanding
Because you find life

is so demanding
Then order this book

straight away
To read it when in need

day by day
For within its words

each day you will find
That the Blessed way

brings Peace Of Mind!


Pat Simpson


This poem was written

by Pat to launch my book

on the Poetry site

Poetry With Passiom

where I have the position

of Style Manager…

To God Give the Glory’


A book of which I am most proud to say,

“I have been truly inspired, all the time I was writing the poems within I felt God’s loving Angels and my own loving family in Spirit around me.”



 This collection was inspired by God, my family and friends that have encouraged me to continue with my writing. This collection has been written to glorify and give praise to God. I thank God for the gift he has given me and I hope I can write all that he would like me to accomplish. This collection is of God and nature. I write on many subjects and write poems that are lovely to read to children about animals. I have a complete poetry glossary in the back of the book with all the styles I used here. This collection has about 70 forms of poetry, including forms I have created along with various other creations by other poets. Special Thanks! To Pat Simpson my friend / publisher for all her work and for creating this most lovely cover...



ISBN: 978-1-4092-8026-2


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