The Poet’s Voice


Always write from heart
Best love poems set apart
Cupid hit with dart

Decide the style form
Essence you bring above norm
Feel the passion’s storm

Give reader a smile
Hope they put your books on file
In faith walk a mile

Jesus will guide you
Kindness he gives is so true
Learn best what to do

Messages he brings
Never doubt the angel wings,
On dove that now sings

Praise God every day
Quit annoying words you say
Realize his way

Show path to others
Treat all as Sister, Brothers
Use love from Mothers

Verse should come from soul
Words expressed make you whole
X-rays taken might take their toll
Yearn to soar as flag on flagpole
Zeal will be given as your goal

My Leap



I began to write

With faith I then

did publish

I hope many read


I try to uplift

My poetry is inspired

Messages I bring


Faith keeps me going

I try to see good in all

Forgiveness is key


Forgive all your hurts

Then do try to

start over

This is will of God


I am his vessel

Let me be worthy

of this

His spirits within


With great joy I am so pleased to introduce my latest book to you titled: 'Joseph's Star of Eternal Promise'

ISBN: 978-0-557-01803-1

This collection is of God and nature with some humor to bring a laugh to you, over 70 forms are used with a glossary to explain the styles...making a book full of uplifting verse that will help others...most inspired by a dream, family or current events, but all coming straight from the essence of this poets heart and soul. A book to be inspired by, taught by, or to greatly enhance any poetry book collection...

Joseph’s star lit up the dark night

Often we recall the delight

Saviour Jesus would then be born

Evening sunrise given and dawn

Prayer helps us be in his grace

Heaven is where we’ll see his face

Show sincerity at all pace

Star brightened sky for three king’s way

Teach to love God is all I’ll say

Always show respect for others

Remember to honor Mothers

Eternal peace he will give us

Trade devil for Jesus, a must

Everlasting pleasure waits

Realize angels guard the gates

Never underestimate God’s power

Accept heavy rain or shower

Learn to obey and you’ll tower

Promise awaits all that accept

Remember and have no regret

On occasion dream of Heaven

Make bread and watch the dough leaven

In faith face each day of your life

Savor all things and deal with strife

Examine soul and be good wife

Joseph’s star led the three wise men

Prophesy would be told again

The bright star lit up the dark night

Harps of angels heard of delight

The donkey brayed by the manger

They were both now out of danger

The baby Jesus was then born

Outlook now would not be forlorn

He would grow to fulfill God’s plan

He knew well and did understand

He gave his Father all his trust

Accepted destiny as must

Available directly from the publishes

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