Creating poetry to show,
Her real love for the Lord,
Rejoicing in His being,
In Having His love

Sending His word

Through her poetry
In joy she creates,
Numerous styles,
All to represent His love!



Rigorously just and Fair!



Joyously saying His name,
Understanding all about God,
Stands tall knowing His love,
Sends her thoughts in poetry,
Always saying word that are
Unendingly  praise worthy,
Making all  aware that  she,
Enjoys composing for HIM!


"The Vision"


The sun is setting 

low in the sky.

The sky

is a brilliant red hue.


will be beautiful day.

Amber sunset glows

in special way.

Above the entire sky

is jet black.

I look out window

lowering back.

The stars sparkle

and glitter up high.

I remember the

importance of sky

A bright star led them
Three kings

travelled to see him
Savior was then born


God returns for flock.
Clouds open

showing his face
All things will now stop


Chosen will follow

and be among them
Praise be to Jesus!


  My name is Christina R Jussaume  aka Crj147  in the poet world.... 


I was the only child of two loving parents. Now I am a Christian wife, Mother, and Grandmother. 

I work full time at an historical Town Hall in the state of Massachusetts .

I am on the Admin team at  the Writers and Poets Alliance where I am  Style Tutor Manager
and Leader of the Elite Poetry Stylist Group


I see beauty all around me as the gifts God has given. This collection of poems is about my faith and about the blessings of nature he gave us.  I had one child, a Daughter… and was blessed with two lovely Grandchildren… My hobbies include gardening with hubby, spending time with my family.   I am a member of the International Society of Poets.   My poetry is inspired by my memories and my family. I hope you find my poetry uplifting when you are feeling sad. May God light the path you trod.

I lost both of my parents before I was 40 years of age.  I found by writing Poetry I found relief from the grief.  My poetry helped me to see the beauty given by God.  The beauty I had seen all of my life I began to write about.  This collection of poems expresses my faith.  With God in my life I handled all things put before me. This collection is written with the essence of my heart and soul. These words I express with a sincere heart.  Now won’t you take this walk with me to see the beauty God has given all around us?  Enjoy the beauty of rose gardens and magnificent sunsets as I bring them all to life within my poems.  I feel peace as I write poetry and now with my poems in books I hope to share this peace with you. 

Bard is my distinctive award From 'The Writers & Poetry Alliance'  Where I am on the Admin Team and the Style Tutor Manager 7

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My latest award


 I am thrilled from world of poets as one of the two top-rated poets for 2007.


Poetry Award & Distinction

I received this poetry award from one of the poetry sites I am a member.  I was ratedthe top poet for the month of December 2006.  It was an honor as I had only recently started this website.  I was quite thrilled when the award arrived in a velvet lined chest with a lock on it signed from the webmaster.I have been writing poetry for a little over two years now.  I am a self taught poet. I believe that God has given me this gift to spread his word and to bring peace to those that read my verse.  I hope you will enjoy all the poems that you read that I have written. I have earned the merit of a National Poet Laureate on one of the sites. 

 On anotherSite I have won a Valentine poem contest.  All the sites that I am a member know me as Poet crj147.  I have written a poem to show you where I got my username from.


  Below is an Acrostic poem witten by myself about myself and the one in the side column was written by a very good poet friend of mine about how she see's me...Which is how I pray all you other folk do too... 

Christina Crj 147

C  Christ is the first six letters of my name

H  His spirit is within me until he does reclaim

R  Realize he should be first in your life

I   In doing so; you feel less pressure when in strife

S   Sins need to be repented and you will feel free

T  Trade the devil for Jesus and revelation you see

I   Inspiration from God gives me wisdom to write

N  Necessary to live in his image, is my insight

A  Always believe he will return to bring us delight

C  Christian woman hoping to write to please others

R  Remember to write from heart to all sisters and brothers

J  Just as he has spoken; love and honor all Mothers

1    One time only to live my life

4    Four times God gave seasons to relieve our strife

7    Seven times I want to say make each day count in your life

The Writers and Poetry Alliance
At the Alliance I am the Style Tutor Manager, where I  teach poetry styles to new budding poets  I also run The Stylist Group which is an inspirational group made up from some of the great accomplished  poets of today...In this group I set a weekly challenge by using one of the many different styles of poetry that there is... We as a group also encourage each other to create styles of our own ...If you are a writer/ poet and you would like to join our exclusive group then do contact me via Email to...

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